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Raymond Wong who started up the food industry business in Hong Kong and mainland China after years of China trade experience in food industry.

 Food Ingredient Distribution

We have successfully distributed soup ingredients in instant noodles factory for more than ten years. Our core products are:

  • Beef bone fat, beef soup paste/powder
  • Pork bone fat, pork soup paste/powder
  • Chicken bone fat, chicken soup paste/powder
  • Freeze dried vegetables and meats

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 Agency Business

Our core agency business is to distribute food testing instruments, processing machines and packaging machines. The principal products are:

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Dairy and meat testing instrument
Ink jet printing machine

- coming soon -

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Meat processing machines including slaughtering, ham and sausage making machines
Liquid food filling machine and bottle washing machine

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 New Venture e-leng soup

Freeze Dried Soup - "谴 e-leng soup"

It is a complete new concept of instant soup and is ranked as outstanding against the current soup products in the market upon in-depth customers' survey. And it is really fast & convenient food. The cooked soup is freeze dried in a freeze dried machine and become a dried soup cake and packed in a Al foil bag. To reconstitute, just put the soup cake in a cup or bowl with hot water adding in, stir for 1mintute and it is ready to serve. The soup is appearing fresh, original colour, shape, taste and texture could be kept as just cooked from the kitchen. Also, the soup could be served alone or with noodles and rice.


Our freeze dried soup have different flavours:

Matsutake Soup  Q
Brown Swordbelt Black Chicken Soup  ۣQ
Oyster Mushroom Black Chicken Soup  qۣQ
Drumstick Mushroom Soup  Lۣ
Japanese Miso Soup  ѳa
West Lake Beef Soup  ״
Seaweed Egg Soup  J
Mushroom Chicken Soup  Tۣ
Mix Vegetable Soup  ܻT

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